Selected 2016 


The exhibition SELECTED deals with innovative, contemporary design concepts and products by international designers.

The exhibition SELECTED is one of the highlights of the DESIGNMONAT Graz programme which is the fifth time, that the show is part of the festival. It is curated and implemented, on behalf of CIS, by Alexa Holzer, Katharina Lehmann and the studio ‘Vandasye’, namely Georg Schnitzer and Peter Umgeher.

Located in DESIGNHALLE, an industrial hall with intriguing architecture and well connected to the city center, SELECTED presents a cross-section of contemporary work and also deepens cooperation within the design network and universities. Among several renowned and international award winning designers, Burg Giebichenstein University for Art and Design, showcases a selection of work by its graduates.

The SELECTED exhibition has become internationally established and is Austria’s biggest exhibition for interior design. SELECTED went out far beyond the country’s borders.

Design means more than the translation of the word “creation” or “deliberate creation“. Design infiltrates reality with plans and concepts and with the motivation to change, form and improve it. Therefore, the “formed” products do not only symbolize constructive or aesthetic quality, they also serve as the expression of a certain period, an epoch. Design deals with unsatisfied needs, arouses desires, it serves functions, plays on “aesthetics”: thus every period has its unique shape.

designHalle 62 Lazarettgürtel, 8020 Graz  | 29th April to 29th May 2016


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The SELECTED showcase focuses on the interaction between product, concept, designer and visitor.


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